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News of the Day—The township of Verulam has voted a bonus of $7,156 to the Victoria Railway Company.

News of the Day—Several passengers by the Great Western train on Saturday afternoon [July 4, 1874], who intended to make the Lake Superior trip by the Manitoba, were disappointed by the depature of the steamer some hours before their arrival at Southampton.

Fenelon Falls, July 4—Railway Bonus—In the Township of Verulam a sectional by-law granting the Victoria Railway Company a bonus of $7,156, was carried to-day by a majority of 87.

Owen Sound, July 4—Steamer Silver Spray Arrived—The mail steamer Silver Spray arrived from Sarnia this evening, making the trip in twenty-three hours. She leaves on Monday evening for Sault Ste. Marie and intermediate ports, after the arrival of the amil train by the T. G. & B. Railway.

Southampton, July 4—Depature of Steamer Manitoba—Intending Passengers Disappointed—The steamer Manitoba, of Beatty's Lake Superior Line, called here this afternoon on her way to Duluth, and left some three hours before the arrival of the G.W.R. cars, on which there were several passengers who had bought in Hamilton through tickets for the North-west, expecting to be in time for the boat here, but who are now doomed to wait eight days before another steamer goes up. There is considerable dissatification expressed here at the boat leaving before her usual hour.

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City News—Railway Accident—On Saturday night [July 4, 1874] an accident occured to the down train on the Northern Railway, due at Toronto about ten o'clock. AS the train was leaving Davenport station a wood train ran against it with such force as to break the coupling irons of one of the cars and smash several of the windows. Fortunately the passenger train was just leaving the station, and [illegible] force of the collision was much lessened. Considerable excitement was caused among the passengers, there being many ladies and children in the rear car, which was struck by the engine of the wood train. Happily no one was seriously hurt. After a short delay a new coupling iron was obtained and fixed, and the train proceeded on to Toronto, the passengers being thankful that things were no worse.

Canada—A valuable colt, owned by Mr. J.B. Coates, of Acton, was killed the other day by a passing train east of the station.

Canada—The Grand Trunk Workshops at Stratford have been closed for four days, from the first July, to give the men their summer holidays.