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Buffalo—Aug. 31—The International Bridge—The Erie Railway has arranged the long pending dispute with the New York Central, and made is connection with the International Bridge to-day. On Wednesday the Bridge Company will run an omnibus car for passengers over the bridge to and from the Victoria, connecting with the street cars to and from Buffalo. These changes will given great satisfaction to the public on both sides of the river.

Orillia—Aug. 31—A match of lacrosse was played here to-day, between the Bradford and Orillia clubs, resulting in a victory for the latter in three straight games.

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City Council.


The North Simcoe Railway.

Ald. Hamilton introduced a Bill providing for a grant of $100,000 to aid in the construction of the North Simcoe Railway.

Ald. Baxter considered the Council should have further opinion on this matter, whether it was a case in which the municipality was compelled to submit a by-law, with the signature of a certain number of ratepayers thereto. He would therefore move the following resolution:—"Resolved, Thate the question of aid to the North Simcoe Railway be referred to the City Solicitor for his opinion as to whether this is one of those cases in which the municipality is compelled to submit a by-law, with the signatures of a certain number of ratepayers. Seconded by Ald. Davies.

Ald. Withrow supported the resolution. It was a matter that should engage the attention of the Council, and it was in the interest of the ratepayers they should be fortified with the opinion of the City Solicitor on the matter.

Ald. Colwell asked if the Council would rely on the opinion of the City Solicitor as against the opinion of so eminent a lawyer as Mr. Hillyard Cameron.

The resolution was carried on the following resolution:—Ayes—Ald. Sheard, Downey, Dunn, Gearing, Withrow, Mutton, Davies, Spence, Farley, Baxter, Adamson, Henderson, Ball—13. Nays— Ald. Mallon, Hamilton, Clements, Martin, Close, Colwell, Britton, Tinning—8.