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About seventy car loads of iron for the Port Dover and Lake Huron Railway have been delivered at Simcoe, and the work of track-laying will commence as soon as the ground is in condition for it. An engine, purchased some time ago to be used in construction, will be set to work as soon as any portion of the track is ready. The balance of the iron will be shipped to Port Dover immediately on the opening of navigation. The Otterville Argus understands that Mr. Wright, the chief engineer, is furthering a scheme for the issue of bonds to the amount of two hundred thousand, a large portion of which is already taken up, and which will be used in payments of the iron. Mr. Wright thinks there is no doubt that the road will be completed and in good running order by August.

On Wednesday, 3rd inst., a passenger train on the W.G.&B. Railway ran off the track in Crow's swamp; delaying trains all afternoon. No one was injured.