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Norwich, Ont., Aug. 27.—Opening of the Port Dover Railway—The iron horse of the Port Dover and Lake Huron Railway arrived in our village yesterday afternoon, accompanied by the Otterville brass band and several car loads of people from the South. The event of the iron being laid from Port Dover to here was duly celebrated by the inhabitants presenting the president, directors and contractors with an appropriate address, which was responded to, after which the directors, contractors, labourers, and guests were provided with a suitable lunch. In the evening there was a grand display of fireworks, which was highly appreciated by all present. There were between four and five thousand people present.

Brantford, Aug. 27.—The Brantford and Burwell Railway—A public meeting was called last night by the Directors of the Brantford and Port Burwell Railway, to place their affairs more fully before the public and solicit assiatnce. After the directors and others had addressed the meeting, a few gentlemen came forward and subscribed $4,000, thus placing the Company in a position to resume work immediately.

Simcoe, Aug. 26.—Excursion From Pennsylvania—This morning about 590 people embarked in the steamer Hicker, at North East, Pennsylvania, for Simcoe. They arrived at Port Dover about four o'clock, where they were met by a large number of friends and were conveyed on the Port Dover and Lake Huron Railway to his place. On arriving here a still larger crowd awaited them, and they were pleasantly entertained at the Union School grounds for an hour or more. Addresses were delivered by John Scott, Reeve of Simcoe; John Charlton, M.P., W. Wallace, M.P.; A. Walsh and Dr. Evans from North East. The 30th Battalion band, also a band from North East, enlivened the proceedings with music. A grand ball is to be given this evening in honour of the excursionists.