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The Callander extension.

Mr. Ridout, the Government Engineer, was over the Northern & Pacific Junction Railway in the beginning of the week, on a final tour of inspection, as far as Sundridge. On his return to Ottawa he reported the road as ready for passenger traffic, and the company was notified by wire on Thursday night [June 24] to that effect. Yesterday morning [June 25], on the arrival of the mail train from Toronto, the first regular train was sent out from Gravenhurst to Sundridge, and there will be a daily service in the future to that place, leaving Toronto at 8:10 a.m. and arriving at the City Hall Station at 7:55 pm. The contractors have now only a few days more work to do in order to complete the Northern section, and the road will be ready for final inspection on the 7th of next month, and will in all probability be opened for through passenger traffic about the 12th.

Ref: Sundridge; Huntsville Subdivision