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Swansea station burned.

The Grand Trunk Railway station at Swansea was gutted by fire about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. The residents in the neighborhood were assisted in fighting the flames by an engine and hose section from upper Dundas street in the city. The loss is estimated at $1,500. The cause is unknonw. A row of houses at Swansea was destroyed some time ago, and the fire resulted in an agitation for better protection. So for nothing has been accomplished.

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The Town of Orillia has most of its municipal representatives at the Queen's to-day to attend to several civic matters of importance. This morning Mayor John McCosh and Councillors Stephen, H. Black Crawford Goffatt and R. J. Sanderson, composing the deputation, will interview the officials of the Canadian Northern Railway Company and urge the desirability of the survey of the James Bay Railway being changed so that the road may cross the narrows at Orillia and run up the west side of Lake Couchiching. The deputation will also place some contracts for work in connection with an additional development of power at Ragged Rapids.