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Both lines suffer when crack trains figure in wrecks

Montréal fliers derailed nearing Pickering and at Aultsville

The railroad "jinx" was on the Montréal-Toronto run yesterday, but it played no favorites.

C.P.R. train No. 20 was derailed at Audley Station, a few miles north of Pickering, around 10 o'clock in the morning. Two hours later the C.N.R. International Limited suffered a similar experience while running through Aultsville.

In neither case was any one seriously injured. Both trains are known as "crack" trains. Damage done to right of way and rolling was about the same Audley as at Aultsville. Wrecking crews cleared their respective lines in about equal time. Save for the fact that the C.P.R. train was Montréal-bound and the C.N.R. train headed for Toronto, details of the two derailments practically coincided.

(Special Despatch to The Globe)

Baggageman injured

Pickering, Aug. 14.—Derailment of the Canadian Pacific Railway's Train No. 20, which left Toronto this morning for Montréal, occurred at Audley Station, a few miles north of here this morning. None of the passengers was injured, but H. W. Weaver of 256 Indian Road Crescent, a baggageman, suffered severe shaking up. The work of clearing the track commenced immediately after the accident, anad rail traffic again moved through Audley by 2 p.m.

As soon as the passengers had been taken from the wrecked cars doctors were called from Whitby and Pickering, but there was, fortunately, little need for them.

Six passenger cars and one baggage car were derailed. Hundred-pound steel rails were curled and twisted like hairpins over 200 yards in the force of the mishap. Two sleepers, three day coaches, a dining car, two parlor cars and engine and tender made up the equipment of the train. The engine and tender remained on the track.

"I wouldn't have thought it possible," said one passenger, "to have done so much damage to the roadway, and to have escaped so slightly ourselves."

An unofficial investigation showed the cause to be a broken whell. For fully a quarter of a mile the entire nini cars of the train crashed their way over gravel, ties and beat rails, coming to a stop when the baggage car hit the switch at Audley. No certain cause of the accident is given out by officials of the railway. The train was travelling at a rate of 50 miles per hour.

Hits freight cars.

Brockville, Aug. 14.—Sticking an open crossover swithc, as it was running through Aultsville station, at noon today, the International Limited, crack Canadian National train, en route from Montréal to Chicago, left tghe rails, swiped a string of freight cars on the eastbound track, and piled up such a wreckage that the main track could not be cleared for several hours.

Except for slight face scratches sustained by the fireman, both passengers and crew of the fast train escaped injuries.

Official statement.

The following statement was issued by A. E. Warren, General Manager, Central Region, Canadian National Railways:

"At 11.50 a.m., date train No. 15, engine 6003, with 11 cars, while pulling through cross-over from westbound to eastbound main line, sideswiped rear cars of train No. 494 at Aultsville, Ont. The engine and baggage car of No. 15 as well as four cars on train No. 494 were derailed.

"There were no injuries to passengers or members of the train and engine crews, except that the fireman on No. 15 was slightly scratched about the face.

"Both main tracks were blocked and the passeners on No. 15 for local points were transferred to other trains. The through passengers and equipment of No. 15 were detoured via Ottawa.

"It is expected it will take several hours to clear the main track. The cause of the accident is under investigation."

Ref: Aultsville