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For sale

Attractive summer resort property at Belle Ewart, Ontario.

It is the intention of Canadian National Railway Company to dispose of, by sale, that Lake front property and right of way at Belle Ewart, situated in the Village Subdivision, with a Lake frontage of about 580 feet and an average depth of about 725 feet in portion north of Isabella Street, together with right of way land from Isabella Street to Fourth Concession line, comprising in all approximately 23 acres.

Plans and form of tender may be seen in office of the undersigned.

Tenders must be distinctly marked on outside "Tender for Belle Ewart Property," and addressed to the undersigned not later than the 31st day of July, 1931.

Each tender shall be accompanied by an accepted cheque drawn on a Chartered Bank, payable to the order of Canadian National Railway Company for an amount equal to five per cent. of the offer submitted, the balance of the purchase price to be paid by the successful tenderer in cash; upon acceptance by the Railway Company.

All tenders submitted should allow not less than 30 days for acceptance or rejection.

The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.

H. A. Palmer, Right of Way Agent, Room 1460, Can. Nat. Express Bldg., Toronto,

Toronto, Ont., July 13th, 1931.

Ref: Belle Ewart