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11 freight cars derailed, block Glencoe main line

Glencoe, May 3 (CP).—Eleven cars of a 48-car Wabash Railroad freight train jumped the tracks at the Canadian National Railways station here late today, blocking the east and west main lines. The cause was undetermined. Glencoe is 25 miles west of London.

No person was injured in the derailment but considerable damage was caused to the cars and their cargoes.

Althought both east and west tracks were blocked by the accident, traffic was able to move over a spur line to the north of the station and only brief delay resulted. Officials said the main line would not be open uintil Wednesday morning.

A. R. Wilson, superintendent of the CNR St. Thomas division, said the locomotive and 21 cars had passed a switch at the station here when the 22nd car left the rails.

Ref: Glencoe.