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... The Rev. Mr. Fitch informs us that he will donate two lots, near the Port Dover and Lake Huron Railway Station, to a manufacturing interest that will employ a number of men. This is a liberal offer and a good beginning toward what we trust will be a successful ending. We think it our Council take hold of this matter that they will meet with the unanimous approval of the people of Simcoe. Let us have a meeting.

Railway Appointments.--The following station agents were appointed at the Board meeting of the Directors of the P. D. & L. H. Railway, held at Woodstock last week:--Woodstock, A. B. Atwater; Burgessville, E.W. Burgess; Otterville [illegible] Fish; Hawtrey, W.P. Ray; Simcoe J.B. Jackson; Port Dover, T. [illegible]. H.R. Willis, Woodstock, and Robert [illegible], G.T.R., were appointed conductors.

Excursion to Woodstock.--On Wednesday, 5th inst., an excursion took place on the P. D. & L. H. R., from Port Dover and intermediate stations to Woodstock. About one hundred and fifty people took the train from Port Dover, and sixty or seventy from Simcoe. We might say here, that had the excursion been properly advertised a much larger turn-out would have taken place from Simcoe. Scarely any person in this section knew when the excursion was going to take place, and a large number of people were greatly disappointed when they learned that it was an event of past, as they intended to have availed themselves of the opporunity to visit Woodstock. A few days previous to the excursion there were a couple of billing announcing it, put up in hotles, and one small one pinned fast to a telegraph pole. However, [illegible] the party reached Woodstock, the cars, five in number, were comfortably filled. The people of Woodstock and vicinity turned out in numbers, and a very pleasant time was spent. On the arrival of the noon train from the east, Hon. Mr. Mowat was met at the station, and conveyed to Hatches' Grive, where the excursion train on the Port Dover and Lake Huron Railway had arrived. A congratulatory address was presented by the Mayor of Woodstock to the Directors of the railway, and replied to by Mr. Moore, the President. A procession was then formed, [illegible] by the amateur band, which proceeded to the Canadian Literary Institute, where an address was presented to the Hon. Premier of Ontario, by Dr. Fyfe, the Prinicap, and pleasantly accepted and replied to by the gentleman. Mr. Mowat was then conducted to the Exhibition Ground of the North Riding of Oxford Agricultural Society. The drenching rain marred the pleasure of the thousands present, and completely spoiled what promised to be an exceedingly good exhibition. The excursion trains, with the exception of a couple of cars which were detached for the convenience of those who wished to remain to the banquet given to the directors of the road, left Woodstock at an early hour in the evening, and arrived in Simcoe about nine o'clock. The second train arrived about two o'clock the next morning. A very pleasant time was spent at the banquet, and a magnificent display of fireworks was given in the evening.

Excursion--On Friday last an excursion from Woodstock and intermediate stations, on the P. D. & L. H. R., passed through this place [Simcoe] on their way to Port Dover. The excursion was composed of two trains of cars, containing about a thousand people. They spent several hours at the Port, visiting the principle places of attraction. On the return trip on of the trains halted at Simcoe for about half an hour, long enough to give the excursionists time to come up [illegible] and take a birds eye view of Norfolk street. We are sorry our friends had not longer to stop, and hope that when they make another excursion this way they will come to Simcoe. ...