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We are please to notice that several railroads are desirous of making connection with Port Dover and Lake Huron Railway, by which means they will have connections with the Canada Souther. The Credit Valley Railroad now in course of construction is anxious to make arrangements to connect with this road, as are also the Norfolk, or, more properly speaking, the Brantford and Port Burwell and the Stratford and Huron Railway. This will be all the better for parties living in this section. Our railroad communications will soon be pretty well perfected. The P. D. & L. H. R is now running two passenger trains a week. The train leaves Port Dover on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6.30 o'clock, calling at Simcoe at 7 and arriving at Woodstock at 10. Returning will leave Woodstock at 3, calling at Simcoe at 7 and arriving at Port Dover at 7.30 o'clock. A daily train will be run shortly.