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An engine wrecked.

And passengers walked four miles to a station.

The driving rods of a locomotive on the Northern snap like pipestems—No person injured.

While the northern train due in Toronto at 9.30 this morning, was rushing along at full speed north of Downsview both driving rods snapped, whirled round, smashed the cab and wrecked the engine generally.

The train stopped suddenly, and the passengers were somewhat shaken, but escaped unhurt, as did the engineer and fireman.

The passengers walked four miles to the Junction and a wrecking train was sent out for the badly damaged engine.

Ref: Downsview

Brakeman killed.

Alex. Livingston steps into cattle guard between moving cars.

Hensall, Ont., Feb. 25.—Alexander Livingston, a Grand Trunk brakeman, was walking along between two slowly moving cars endeavoring to uncouple them when he fell into a snow-covered cattle guard and was instantly killed by the wheels. The body was horribly broken and mangled.

Ref: Hensall

W. T. Spence appeals

W. T. Spence is appealing against the non-suit in his $10,000 action for damages against the Canadian Pacific and Grand Trunk. He fell while attempting to post a letter on a moving train in May last, and lost his left hand.


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A railway bonus asked.

Mr. James Conmee will introduce to the Government to-morrow a large deputation, composed of men from Algoma, Hamilton and Toronto, who want a grant for the Rainy River Railway. The railway is to run between Port Arthur and Rainy Lake. Eight miles of the 150 have been built, and a grant of $3,000 a mile for the remaining portion is asked for.


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The subway.

Practical plan decided upoin for the widening of the street.

Mr. Joseph Hobson, of the Grand Trunk Railway, conferred with City Engineer Keating and the Mayor this morning on Queen street subway matters. Mr. Keating says a practical settlement was reached.


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In hotel lobbies.

News, views and personals gleaned today for Star readers.

Mr. W. R. Tiffin, district superintendent of the Grand Trunk with headquarters at London, is registered at the Queen's. Mr. Tiffin, in company with two district superintendents, James Webster of Allandale and D. Morrice of Toronto, has just returned from Montreal. None of the three gentlemen would say anything definite about their business in Montreal, but it is learned that they had a long consultation with Messrs. Hays and McGuigan. It is not improbable that their consultation will be followed by a large reduction in the staffs of the districts represented.


Nubs of news

... General Traffic Manager Reeve and Chief Engineer Hobson of the G.T.R., have commenced another tour of inspection to the west.


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