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Young engineer died at his post.

Engineer of wrecked flier found with hand still on throttle.

Adhering strictly to his duty, one hand on the throttle, the other resrign near the air-brake lever, head and shoulders out the window, death came swiftly to J.W. Brooks, aged 26, engineer of the ill-fated C.N.R. flier at Bradford on Saturday morning.

This was revealed yesterday afternoon when the two huge wrecking cranes lifted the massive engine out of the marsh. The body of the young engineer was found seated in his cab in an alert positoin, his face badly scaled, his skull cracked.

One gloved hand still grasped the throttle of the derailed mogul.

The remains of the young engineer were lifted from his cab by the wrecking crew and removed to Bradford undertaking parlors, where the body was viewed by the coroner, Dr. Cummings of Bond Head, and who ordered an inquest to be held on Friday night. The body will be brought to Toronto for burial from the York burial parlors.

Thousands of sightseers yesterday visited the scene of the wreck, autos coming and going all day. At the time the body of the young engineer was recovered fully a thousand people were present.

The clearing up of the wreck has been going on since Saturday noon but it is not anticipated that the work will be completed before late to-night.

Special investigations are being carried on by the railway officials and experts in an effort to determine the exact cause of the accident, which so far has not been decided.

There have been stateents made that the engineer was not accompanied by a pilot over this run, but this is said to have been unnecessary, according to the officials, as young Brooks was running from Allandale over his regular run and in known territory.

No statement could be obtained from Mr. A.E. Warren, general manager, until such time as his investigation is completed and he is able to decide the cause of the wreck. He is conducting a very thorough and careful inquiry into this accident, but until such time as he concludes his investigation no statement will be made by him.