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St. Clair closes to build subway

Traffic diverted north and south at Keele St.

St. Clair Ave., between Caledonia Rd. and Keele St., will be closed on Monday at 8 a.m. to permit construction of the subway. Diversions of traffic will be established from St. Clair Ave. by Caledonia Rd., Lambert Ave., across the Newmarket subdivision of the C.N.R., Kipping Ave., thence by Prescot Ave., to St. Clair Ave.

Traffic originating west of Keele Est. will be diverted north or south on that street at St. Clair. Entrance may also be secured to the section of St. Clair between the subway at Keele St., and that to the west of Caledonia Rd., by way of Davenport Rd., Weston Rd. and lateral streets.

Ref: Newmarket Subdivision Mile 5.24