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Won't put up gates at railway crossing

Engineer considers scene of fatality sufficiently protected

Weston, Aug. 11.—The reporrt of Reeve D. Webster that it was inadvisable to erect gates this year at Dennison Ave. railroad crossing, was adopted by Weston council last evening. A petition had been received requesting the erection of gates following a crash in which Stanley Colledge lost his life, but Mr. Webster contended that wig-wags there provided ample protection.

... A by-law introduced by Reeve Webster for the borrowing of $10,000, the share ordered paid by the town towards the cost of the subway on Weston Rd., as stipulated by the railway commission, was passed.


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Desire improvement in railway service

Operation of gasoline electric coach is advocated

Aurora, Aug. 10.—Request will probably be made to the C.N.R. after a public meeting to be held here within the next fortnight, that the railway place a gasoline electric coach in operation between Toronto Union Station and Newmarket to give commuters service which has been denied them since the Metropolitan Railway was discontinued north of Richmond Hill.

"There is an uncertain service at present and commuters who have lived in the Aurora-Newmarket district for years feel that under present transportation conditions they should move back to the city," Hugh Bowman to The Star.

The Gray Coach lines operate between one and two-hour intervals between six o'clock in the morning and eight o'clock at night in the summer. In the winter, less buses are used.

Ref: Aurora