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to contractors.

Tenders for the
grading, bridging, fencing and furnishing of ties,
for that porition of the
Port Dover & Lake Huron Railway

between Woodstock and Port Dover, will be received at the Engineer's Office, in Woodstock, up to the

1st of November, 1873.

Separate bids on each of the aboves classes of work may be made. The Grading may be bid for in sections.

Tenders to be sealed, indorsed and directed A. D. Wright, Chief Eng., P. D. and L. H. Railway, Woodstock, from whom full information in regard to the work can be obtained.

The Company do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any tender.

R. W. Sawtell, Secretary.

Woodstock, Oct., 9th 1873.

Ref: Otterville Subdivision.

Port Dover and Lake Huron Railway.

Notice is hereby given that the Port Dover and Lake Huron Rail Road Company will apply to the Legislature of the Province of Ontario at the next session thereof, for an act to amend and consolidate the several acts relating to the said Company. Also that if the same be, or become necessary or expedient the said Company will at the same time apply for certain clauses or provisions in such set, so to be applied for to confirm certain municipal by-laws passed in aid of the said Company, and for other purposes, relating to such By-laws.

R. W. Sawtell,

Woodstock, Oct. 3, 1873.

Ref: Otterville Subdivision.