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Mount Elgin.

Mr. Editor.—Dear Sir,— ... Another matter equally interesting and worthy of note transpired before these municipal luminaries. Application was made by the Vice President of the Norfolk, Brantford and Port Burwell Railway company to have exempted from municipal taxation the right of way purchased by the company through a portion of the municipality. The Reeve (ex. Warden of the county of Oxford) objected to granting the request, when Mr. Law the Vice President of said company rose to his feet in somewhat of temper and declared it his intention not to aid him in future in the manner he had done if he persisted in opposing this his reasonable request. Whereupon the Reeve rose and said; Undoubtedly Gentlemen of the council the request of the said company is one which we might reasonably have expected and I am always ready and willing to aid any enterprise calculated to benefit my friends, and think it would be as unise as it would be ungenerous to burden so laudable an enterprise with taxes, and would request this council to bring a By-Law exempting their property from taxation. Is it any wonder Mr. Editor that we have our election protested and seventeen specific charges alleged against the return of Mr. Adam Oliver?

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Town and Country.

... Iron.—The rails for the section of the Port Dover Railway between Simcoe and [Port] Dover arrived at the former place this week. The Directors of the road, we believe, intend laying them down before the opening of navigation. ...

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South Norwich.

Council.—Council met persuant to adjournment on the 22 day of February ... Letter from the Secretary of the Brantford and Port Burwell Railway Company asking the Council to exempt said company from paying taxes in this township for a period of years; laid over. ...

North Norwich.

The following is a statement in detail of the receipits and expenditures of this township for the past year.

1874. Disbursements.
[Dec.] 18 County Treasurer on P. D. & L. H. Railway bonus. 3272 50
30 Special deposit for Brantford & Port Burwell Railway bonus debentures. 2500 00