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The Globe 1906-02-07 1 Railways war in Don valley.|Grand Trunk and James Bay fight over crossing.|Cars as obstructions.|Steel rail barricade hit by a coal car.|Dynamite digs a hole for the next attacking train, which did not arrive--Grand Trunk forces withdrew--A day of great excitement--Workmen come to blows.
The Globe 1906-02-07 4 Railways war in Don valley.
The Globe 1906-05-01 1 Toronto to Ottawa|and from Montreal to the Georgian Bay.|New lines to be built by the James Bay Railway Company--Location maps filed at the Department of Railways at Ottawa.
The Globe 1906-09-10 4 Trial trip on new road.|James Bay Railroad may be running in a few weeks.
The Globe 1906-11-20 1 Toronto to Parry Sound.
The Globe 1906-11-20 1 A historic day.
The Globe 1906-11-20 4 Another railroad comes to Toronto.|Canadian Northern trains are now running.|Commenced yesterday.|This city is now linked with Town of Parry Sound.Inauguration was practically devoid of formality. Though citizens at northern terminus had a demonstration--Trains ran according to schedule--Some of the Projects of the Company.

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