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The Globe 1928-04-16 13 Engineer is killed, passengers escape, in Bradford wreck.|Body of J. W. Brooks, Toronto, pinned beneath locomotive, recovered by rescue crew--Cause of derailment is not known.|Experts are sent to probe accident.
The Globe 1928-04-21 17 Bradford jury finds no cause of fatal wreck|Engineer thinks wheels of pony truck may have come loose|Track in A1 Condition
The Globe 1928-05-12 17 No grade separation in Northwest of City|Railway Board finds against making any further orders
The Globe 1928-05-14 2 Railway Commission refuses application of City of Toronto|Declines to order grade separation work in Northwest|Lines heavily burdened
The Globe 1928-05-14 26 Air brakes effective in averting smash
The Globe 1928-05-17 19 Canadian National Railways|Central Region|Tenders for the disposal and removal of all buildings, fences, etc., now on site to be used for New Passenger Terminal between Bay and Mary Streets, Hamilton, Ont.
The Globe 1928-05-21 5 New railway station promised Gananoque|Work will be finished by end of 1929 at the latest.
The Globe 1928-06-16 24 Canadian National Railways|Central Region|New passenger terminal,|Hamilton, Ont.
The Globe 1928-06-25 21 Oxford fruit men erect new warehouse|Two-story cement structure replaces frame building
The Globe 1928-08-15 2 Both lines suffer when crack trains figure in wrecks|Montreal fliers derailed nearing Pickering and at Aultsville
The Globe 1928-12-17 33 New fruit warehouse opened at Burgessville
The Globe 1928-12-22 1 Firemen answer urgent call, then wait for fire to come|Woodstock brigade rushes to C.N.R. station and while away hour until flier, with diner ablaze, pulls into depot

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