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The Globe 1930-01-01 23 Canadian National Railways|Central Region.|Viaduct Mile 1.9, Algoma Connection, Sudbury
The Globe 1930-01-04 3 New C.N.R. station
The Globe 1930-01-06 3 East Windsor subway plan approved by Railway Board
The Globe 1930-01-06 14 Grade separations and school building urged by MacGregor|Alderman-elect also seeks remedy for city radio interference.
The Globe 1930-01-08 3 Traffic is resumed after derailment|Sectionman hurt by mishap on Petrolia branch of C.N.R.|Passengers are shaken
The Globe 1930-01-13 14 St. Clair subways, asked for by city, refused at Ottawa.|Board of Railway Commissioners dismisses Toronto's application for direction to railways to build improvements|T. L. Church urges appeal be launched
The Globe 1930-01-15 4 Removing grade crossings.
The Globe 1930-01-15 11 Mr. Crerar declines to press railways.|Refuses city's request to order work on grade separation.
The Globe 1930-01-16 15 Civic deputation will go to Ottawa to secure action.|City representatives will make appeal on grade separation.|Unemployment relief.
The Globe 1930-03-05 15 Ottawa is adamant regarding bridge over Humber River|Must be movable or else city must be prepared to destroy it.|St. Clair crossings.
The Globe 1930-03-07 19 Canadian National Railways|For sale|Warehouse with good shipping facilities and industrial sites
The Globe 1930-03-07 19 Canadian National Railways--Central Region|Painting steel railway bridges, Southern Ontario District, 1930-31
The Globe 1930-03-19 13 Federal Ministers invited to confer on city problems.|Crerar and Dr. King may join meeting of Senators, M.P.'s and M.P.P.'s in Mayor's office on Saturday morning.|Grade separation and island topics
The Globe 1930-03-24 19 King and Crerar to be approached on grade decision|Mayor doubts if Cabinet will confirm Board's order|M.P.'s in conference
The Globe 1930-05-17 25 Canadian National Railways|Central Region.|Subway on Provincial Highway at Concord, Ont., Mile 14.23, Newmarket Subdivision.
The Globe 1930-07-15 1 Mishaps balk firefighters as Simcoe station burnt|First, engines rush to wrong site--Main hose springs leak and wall caves in on apparatus--Residents have to move heavy tank car|Cause of flames blamed on sparks
The Globe 1930-07-23 11 At least year delay if grade separation is ordered at once|No prospects of immediate work, City Engineer Stewart admits--Plans must be prepared and costs determined|Federal-City plan is not endorsed
The Globe 1930-07-28 11 Grade separation on St. Clair Ave depends on city|If it bears cost, Railway Board to order construction at once|Reply to Mayor Wemp
The Globe 1930-09-30 19 Canadian National Railways|Central Region.|Subway at Simcoe St., Oshawa, Ont.
The Globe 1930-11-04 12 City wants share in crossing fund|Railway Board reserves judgment in Lansdowne case|Canadian Pacific agrees

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