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The Globe 1898-01-25 7 What the Grand Trunk says.|It is not responsible for the poor railroad connections at Scotia Junction--The other railroad at fault.
The Globe 1898-01-29 5 Parry Sound trade.|How bad railway communication affects it.|A loss of thousands.The worth of the lumber trade to Toronto.|That twenty-two hours' wait at Scotia Junction--A visit to Canoe Lake.
The Northern Advance 1898-02-17 8 Allandale ward number six.|The railway centre of the future city.|Barrie's south-western division, with its pleasant streets, its tasty dwellings, its pretty churches, and its go-a-head people will entice settlement--A weekly record of its doings.
The Railway and Shipping World 1899-03-01 75 Grand Trunk & Canada Atlantic.
The Newmarket Era 1899-11-17 3 G.T.R. changes.
The Railway and Shipping World 1901-08-01 225 Railway development.|Projected lines, surveys, construction, betterments, etc.
The Globe 1902-04-15 2 Canada Atlantic purchase.
The Northern Advance 1938-02-24 1 Can. National harvests over 7,000 tons of ice
Judgments, orders, regulations and rulings 1955-03-15 391

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