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The Daily Globe 1875-11-15 4 From Toronto to Gravenhurst.|Opening of a new link to the Northern Railway.
The Newmarket Era 1875-11-19 2 Washago to Gravenhurst.|Opening a new link of R.R. communication.
The Northern Advance 1883-04-26 2
The Newmarket Era 1899-11-17 3 G.T.R. changes.
The Newmarket Era 1904-08-05 8 A pitch-in on the G.T.R.|Gravel train stood on main line.
Canadian Railway and Marine World 1919-11-01 605 Grand Trunk Railway construction, betterments, etc.
Canadian Railway and Marine World 1919-12-01 654 Railway development, projected lines, surveys, construction, betterments, etc.
The Newmarket Era 1922-09-15 5 To operate motor train over Canadian National
The Northern Advance 1923-08-02 1 C.N. headquarters will not be moved|Few crews to be moved, but no change here in freight traffic.
Canadian Railway and Marine World 1923-09-01 Diversion of freight traffic between Toronto and Washago.
The Northern Advance 1930-11-06 1 Retires from C.N.R. served 45 years|D. J. Quinlan had fine record during long period as dispatcher.
The Barrie Examiner 1930-11-06 9 Station agent at age of 14|D. J. Quinlan, veteran of C.N.R., recalls the early days.
The Northern Advance 1937-10-14 8 Gravenhurst Rubberset employees still on strike
The Northern Advance 1938-01-06 1 W. J. Buchanan new Barrie C.N.R. agent
The Northern Advance 1938-02-17 8 District news.
The Northern Advance 1938-02-24 1 Can. National harvests over 7,000 tons of ice
Upper Canada Railway Society Newsletter 1963-08-01 127 C.N.R. report

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