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The Railway and Shipping World 1899-02-01 43 Grand Trunk betterments, etc.
The Railway and Shipping World 1902-10-01 340 Grand Trunk Ry. betterments, etc.
The Railway and Shipping World 1902-12-01 405 Grand Trunk betterments, etc.
Canadian Railway and Marine World 1915-03-01 100 Grand Trunk Railway betterments, construction, etc.
The Globe 1926-07-19 3 Railway collision blocks city streets|Engine crew escapes with slight injuries as trains crash in Peterboro'
The Globe 1926-08-28 8 Canadian National Railways|Central Region.|Tenders brick, steel and concrete freight shed and offices, with concrete roadway, at Peterboro', Ontario
The Globe 1929-04-06 1 Engineer is killed, motorists drowned as result of storm|Crack C.N.R. train derailed--Peterboro' people lose lives|Car goes into creek|Four plunged into water--Two perish, two rescued
The Financial Post 1930-06-12 1 C. G. Electric begins plant at Peterboro'|Big addition planned as part of new scheme
Upper Canada Railway Society Newsletter 1964-11-01 145 C.N. report

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