Friday, May 12, 1899, Vol. 48, No. 16 The Newmarket Era Page 3, col. 1

The electric railway.

Work on the extension of the Metropolitan Electric Railway is progressing and the manager expects to strike Newmarket next week. The rails were laid to Davill's Tannery in Aurora on Wednesday evening, with the exception of a short distance where the line crosses the G.T.R. track. The abutment for the bridge is finished on the south side and it is expected that the mason work will be finished on the north side by Saturday night. Eleven passenger cars are now ready for service and twenty cars are under construction. Seven cars of machinery for the power house at Bond's Lake arrived in Toronto on Wednesday and will be placed in position as fast as it can be conveyed from Aurora station. The President assures us that the whole service will be in operation early in June.

The surveyors were in town on Tuesday and located the track, which crosses around the edge of the pond and strikes and centre of Main street. It will go between the coal shed and the tool house on the Water Works property and cuts the corner off Mr. D. Lloyd's lawn.

Railways: Met.Ry.

Stations: Aurora