Geo. Spencer,
Chief Operating Officer
Board of
Railway Commissioners
for Canada
Operating Department,
JLB. File 39310.12. 6 Charles Street East,
Toronto, Ont.

March 18th, 1935.

Mr. Geo. Spencer,
Chief Operating Officer, B.R.C.
Ottawa, Ont.

Mr. T.L. Simmons,
Chief Engineer, B.R.C.,
Ottawa, Ont.

Dear Sirs:—

Complying with the instructions received regarding the application of the C.N.R. to abandon portion of their Otterville Subdivision, between Burgessville and Woodstock, a distance of 9.2 miles, we have made an inspection trip over the ground, interviewed all interested parties, and beg to submit the following:

The section of line involved passes through a well settled prosperous farming territory. Dairy products and cattle predominate in the district.

There is only one station on the stretch of line it is proposed to abandon, namely Currie, which serves a surrounding population of about 100 persons. Railway facilities at this point consist of a station building (now rented), cinder platform and siding of 3 or 4 car capacity. We understand this station was used principally by school children travelling to and from Woodstock.

There are no industries situated along the line between Burgessville and Woodstock.

Hawtrey which served a community of approximately 50. Facilities at this point consist of a frame shelter, cinder platform, stock pen, 15 foot loading platform, and 11 car siding. Should the line be abandoned, the nearest railway facilities would be half a mile away.

No train service has been operated over, and no maintenance done on the line since September 1932. It is now used for storage purposes, and as the line is filled with box and other cars, we were unable to travel over the same, and are therefore not in a position to report as to condition of ties, ballast, etc.

The district is served by an improved gravel county highway which parallels the Railway closely, and connects with main highway at Woodstock. We understand there are a large number of truckers serving this territory.

On the inspection trip in question, the Railway Company was represented by:

Mr. W.J. Piggot,Superintendent.
Mr. J. Ferguson,Division Engineer.
Mr. N.A. Peters,District Agent.
Mr. N.A. Walford,Asst. Supt.
Mr. F.P. Nelson,Div. Frt. Agent.
Mr. C. Hill,Frt. Traffic Rep.

Notice of the inspections to be made was forwarded to:

Mayor,Village of Norwich.
Clerk,Oxford East Township.
Clerk,Norwich North Township.
President,Board of Trade.
President,Board of Trade.

These parties were notified the time and date of our movements, and how they could get in touch with us should they desire to lodge any objections.

The only objection advanced was from the City of Woodstock where the following representatives were heard:—

Mr. W.M. MacArthur,Mayor. (Chairman)
Mr. T.W. Brickwood,Alderman.
Mr. G.S. Harpur,Alderman. (Chairman Railway Committee)
Mr. J.A. Lewis,Alderman.
Mr. W.J. Lynch,Alderman.
Mr. W.J. McCaffrey,Alderman.
Mr. W.J. McLeod,Alderman.
Mr. G.W. Miller,Alderman. (Agent C.N.R.)
Mr. M. Nesbitt,Alderman.
Mr. R. Bigham,Ralston Purina Co.
Mr. C.E. Sutherland,President - Board of Trade

The discussion in a general way centered around the possibility of diverting traffic now going to Brantford over the Burford Subdivision to Woodstock over the line proposed to be abandoned. Feasibility of operating a Diesel car profitably was also discussed.

The matter was finally summarized by his Worship, The Mayor, as follows:—

"It is the general feeling that for sentimental reasons or otherwise, we do not wish to see the Railway services or lines disturbed. It is also appreciated that the Railway must effect economies, and that the City should co-operate with them in some respects. It is appreciated that we were consulted."

The following Resolution was then proposed and passed:

"That the Railway Board give the matter their earnest consideration, and the matter be left in their hands. We would rather that the road be not at present disturbed."

Inasmuch as Woodstock does not appear to be affected by the proposed abandonment, that no other objections were raised, that the traffic possibilities are very slim, and that no injustice will be inflicted on the people of the district, we would recommend that the Company's application be granted.

(Signed) J.L. Bourgault
Inspector Railroad Operation.
(Signed) D.G. Kilburn
Division Engineer