December 1899, No. 22 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 358, col. 2

Grand Trunk betterments.—In addition to the work enumerated on pg. 348, a great many bridges have also been built, the number from Montréal to Island Pond being 35, with a total measurement of 2,966 ft., all of steel & masonry, & capable of carrying the very heaviest traffic that can possibly pass over the road. Between Montréal & Brockville, 1,071 ft. of bridging has been done, 206 ft. being double tracks at Ste. Anne, with 71 ft. at Suspension Bridge, N.Y. Masonry is also being completed for steel bridges at Ste. Anne, 1,330 ft.; Vaudreuil, 1,380 ft.; Isle Perrot, 142 ft.; and the Trent River at Trenton, 438 ft., making a total of 3,290 ft., all of which will be in position early in the new year. The G.T. has employed from 350 to 500 men in track laying during the last 3 months, & the force was largely increased after the strike, to make up for the 5 weeks that had been lost. There have been from 4,000 to 4,500 men at work on maintenance of way, the line comprising 4,180 miles, 450 of which is double track.

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