Thursday, January 15, 1931 The Globe (Toronto) Page 3, col. 6

Silk hat presented as station opens

Nautical custom adopted at ceremony in Parry Sound

Large crowd attends

(Special Despatch to The Globe.)

Parry Sound, Jan. 14.—When train No. 33 arrived this afternoon bearing Canadian National Railways officials to open the new station, President Jackson of the Board of Trade followed a nautical custom and presented Conductor Charles Drewitt a silk top hat. Crowds thronged the 900-foot platform bedecked with flags at W. T. Moodie, General Superintendent of the Northern Ontario District, applied the key to the lock and officially put into service Parry Sound's fourth station in thirty years. Mayor C. C. Johnson was first to enter and the throng followed as he purchased the first ticket. The station itself is a brick structure, with ample quarters for the public and the passenger, baggage and express staff. The Board of Trade played the role of host to the visiting railwaymen at a banquet in the evening, and followed the function by making them guests at the opening Orillia-Parry Sound hockey game. Among the railwaymen present were: W. T. Moodie, General Superintendent, Canadian National Railways, North Bay; A. H. Cavenagh, Superintendent, Capreol; C. R. Moore, General Superintendent of Transportation, Toronto; R. H. Jones, Superintendent of Express, Toronto; H. F. Tilley, District Passenger Agent; W. E. Triestes, Roadmaster, Capreol; and J. H. Duff, Assistant Superintendent, Toronto.

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