February 1914, No. 192 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 77, col. 3

The Grand Trunk Railway's new station at Stratford, Ont.

The new station which the G.T.R. has built at Stratford, Ont., was formally opened to the public, Dec. 17. It replaces the one which was built in 1867, and which for years has been inadequate for the needs of the traffic. A new station at Stratford was among the things promised on the occasion of the first visit of Sir Charles Rivers-Wilson and the late C. M. Hays, as President and General Manager respectively, to the city. This long promised station is now an accomplished fact.

The new building, of which an illustration is given on this page, has a frontage on Shakespeare St. of 151 1/2 ft., and is 60 ft. wide at its widest part—the centre. At this point is the main entrance, which is sheltered by a canopy 18 ft. 10 ins. by 16 ft. 8 1/2 ins. Inside the main door is a loggio, 15 1/4 ft. by 16 ft. 9 1/2 ins., which leads to the general waiting room, 30 ft. 1 1/4 in. from front to rear, by 80 ft. In the centre, opposite the main entrance, is the ticket office, 15 1/2 ft. by 16 ft., which extends 7 1/2 ft. out on to the platform. To the right of the loggio are the men's smoking room and lavatories, and on the left the women's waiting room and lavatories. The lunch room, with kitchen and store, 40 ft. by 32. ft., is to the right, with its main entrance from the waiting room, while to the left is the parcel and baggage office and baggage room, 38 by 32 ft. The second story is devoted entirely to offices. The western end is given over to the private and general offices of the Superintendent; next comes the Trainmaster's office, and on the south side are the despatchers' offices. Following along are the offices of the Divisional Freight Agent, the General Yardmaster, the Supervisor of Bridges and Buildings, and the Resident Engineer. East of the station building, and connected with it by an umbrella roof of 75 ft., is the express building, 32 ft. by 57 ft. The central tower is 60 ft. high, and the two additional stories in it are fitted as file rooms.

The building is constructed of Saginaw vitrified brick on a concrete foundation with a slate roof. The internal fittings of the public parts of the station are tile floors, oak panelled ceiling, with walls finished in burlap. A new brick platform has been laid.

Grand Trunk Railway station at Stratford, Ont.

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