July 1912, No. 173 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 336, col. 2

Canadian Northern Railway construction, betterments, etc.


Canadian Northern Ontario Ry.—Construction is reported to be proceeding at a satisfactory rate on the line under construction into Ottawa from Toronto. An official inspection of the line was made recently by the company officers and G. A. Mountain, Chief Engineer of the Board of Railway Commissioners, the special train carrying the party running as far east as Enterprise. A train service was put in operation as far as Napanee, June 14.

Press reports state that plans are being prepared for improving the Brockville, Westport and North Western Ry., which is owned by C.N.O. Ry. interests, and is being operated as a branch line. It is proposed to relay 40 miles with new ties and steel and to bring it up to the C.N.O.R. standard. The point of junction is about 36 miles north of Brockville, to which point the grading on the Toronto-Ottawa line has been completed, and it is expected that tracklaying will be started in June. The grading beyond this point to Ottawa is well advanced.

The company has made very extensive purchases of land in the vicinity of Leaside Jct., near Toronto, for yard and terminal purposes, and a site for a model city.

We are advised that it is extremely probable a start will be made this season, from the Toronto end, on the company's projected line from Toronto to Niagara Falls, and that the route to be followed will be mainly along the Electrical Development Co.'s right of way, on which is the power transmission line between Niagara Falls and Toronto. In connection with this projected construction the Board of Railway Commissioners has authorized the crossing of the C.P.R. spur line from Islington to Mimico, an interlocking plant to be installed at the cost of the C.N.O. Ry.

The plans for the entrance into Hamilton were filed at the end of May, and the city council has had them, as well as the alternative route suggested by E. L. Somerville, consulting engineer, under consideration. There has been under considerable discussion, and it is said that the several railway companies whose lines enter the city are arranging to discuss the question of the erection of a union station and some rearrangement of routes.

The question of the route of the line from Hamilton to Niagara Falls, and from Hamilton to Windsor, is under consideration, and considerable speculation is being raised in various towns owing to the visits of people representing Mackenzie, Mann and Co. The firm is interested both in the steam line and electric feeders for the same, but where the one begins and the other ends cannot be definitely gauged from the negotiations with the various public authorities. That there will be a steam line from Toronto to Hamilton and Niagara Falls, and a line from Toronto to Windsor, whether as an independent line, or as a branch of the Toronto-Niagara Falls line, is pretty certain. All the other lines to be built will probably be electric. This seems to be indicated by a recent statement of Sir Wm. Mackenzie, who is quoted as stating that the steam line will be carried into London from the east, connecting with the London and Port Stanley Ry., for a lease of which the company would make an offer. The line would run through Delaware and on to Detroit.

Railways: B.W. & N.W.Ry., C.N.O.Ry.