November 1899, No. 21 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 322, col. 1

Grand Trunk betterments, etc.


Work will be continued on the new general office building in Montréal while weather permits, it being the intention to have the building completed as soon as possible. The architect is experimenting with non-inflammable wood, with a view to its introduction in the building, which will be the first attempt to realize in Canada a practical benefit from a discovery which the British Admiralty has employed in the construction of recent warships, thus obviating the danger of fire in case of an engagement at sea. The U.S. Government has adopted non-inflammable wood in the internal fittings of its recently built cruisers, while contractors & builders are giving attention to the wonderful possibilities of its application to private dwellings. With the amount of steel & iron which will enter into the construction of the general offices, the employment of non-inflammable wood would make the building absolutely fire-proof, which is Mr. Hay's desire.

Railways: G.T.Ry.