March 1911, No. 157 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 217, col. 2

G.T.R. construction, betterments, etc.

Central Vermont Ry.—During 1910 the company reballasted 15.9 miles of its lines in Canada, and laid new 80-lb. steel on 12.4 miles in Vermont.

The application of the New York, New Haven and Connecticut Rd. to the Vermont State Legislature for certain powers at Brattleboro, has been modified considerably, and the C.V.R. will continue to have possession of the terminal facilities there. The Legislature has passed the bill granting incorporation to the Southern Vermont Ry., authorizing the building of a line from Brattleboro to Windsor, and to arrange for the use of the Rutland Rd. terminals at Bellows Falls. The Southern Vermont Ry. will connect with the lines proposed to be built in Massachusetts and Rhode Island by the Southern New England Ry.

Press reports state that the G.T.R., which controls the C.V.R., has given instructions to proceed with the building of the lines above mentioned.

The line to be built in connection with the Southern New England Ry. part of the project will start at Palmer. Mass., and extend to Providence, R.I. The final location on the water front at Providence has not, press reports state, been finally decided on. The reports state that all surveys have been completed, that construction will be started at once, and the line be completed in two years.

Lachine, Jacques Cartier and Maisonneuve Ry.—The House of Commons has authorized the company to connect its projected lines with the C.P.R., the Canadian Northern Ry., or either of them. The Board of Railway Commissioners has refused the company's application for permission to cross the C.P.R. at Jacques Cartier Jct., Que.

Ship Fever Cemetery. Montréal.—The matter of expropriation of the land adjoining the G.T.R. at Point St. Charles, Que., which was set apart or used as a cemetery for victims of the ship fever in 1847, has been before the Board of Railway Commissioners recently, with the result that a 30 ft. strip is to be reserved, east of the monument lot, to commemorate the burial place of the ship fever victims. The company is to 'be allowed to acquire the rest of the land for yard extension purposes.

Ottawa Improvements.—A Gray. Resident Engineer. G.T.R., Ottawa, in an address to the Ottawa branch. Canadian Society Civil Engineers, Feb. 8, referred to the work being done by the company at Ottawa. He stated that already over $2,000,000 had been expended on account of the erection of the hotel and station, and the expenses incurred in connection with the enlargement of the yards, etc. The accommodation for passenger trains had been increased 100%, by the alterations, and the freight yard had its accommodation increased 50%. The tracks have been laid in the yards with 100 lbs. steel. The tracks are ballasted with broken stone instead of sand or gravel, in order to avoid dust. The changes in the freight yards alone cost $45,000. He went into the details about the retaining wall which was constructed along the canal, which cost much more than was first expected, because a boulder and gravel bottom was found for a distance where rock foundation was anticipated and piers had to be sunk. The cost of this retaining wall was $24,050. The wall is designed to carry 5,000 lbs. to the foot.

He also described the train-shed covering the eight tracks, which is to be 500 by 182 ft. The entire roof will be of glass, though the exact kind is not yet decided. It will be set in steel with steel supports for the roof. It will extend from the present baggage annex to the retaining wall along the canal. The train shed has an opening in the roof directly over the engine funnel in order to do away with the smoke in the shed as would be the case if the entire place were covered. The platforms will be, of course, of concrete. The work will be started next summer.

It is proposed to install an interlocking switch system at the company's terminal yard and station, Ottawa, to build a new draw 'bridge across the Rideau canal at Elgin St. and to build a new roundhouse and repair shop at Ottawa East.

Ottawa to Toronto.—W. Wainwright. Second Vice President, is quoted as having stated that the company is planning to build a direct line from Ottawa to Toronto. Three routes are under consideration, that of the Kingston, Smiths Falls and Ottawa Ry., the Ottawa, Rideau Valley and Brockville Ry., and another interest which is advocating a route by way of Gananoque.

Sunnyside bridge or subway, Toronto.—The city council is figuring out the question whether a subway will be put in under the G.T.R. at Sunnyside, or the road carried over the tracks by a bridge. The board of control, Feb. 4, decided in favor of a subway fifty ft. wide at an estimated cost of $145,000, exclusive of land damages. Under the terms of the order the city will pay one-third of the cost. When the matter came before the council. Feb. 10. the city engineer and the assessment commissioner were directed to report as to the cost of both subway and bridge.

Humber bridge, Toronto.—In connection with the new bridge which the G.T.R. is .erecting over the Humber River, objection has been taken to the size of the pier which it is proposed to build in the middle of the river to carry the bridge. Replying to questions in the House of Commons, Feb. 2, the Minister of Public Works said the G.T.R. had applied for approval of plans for the bridge to his department, as well as to the Board of Railway Commissioners. The application was made to the Department under the Navigable Waters Protection Act. He purposed naming an early date to take up the matter, and due notice would be given to the city of Toronto and property owners along the river to attend.

The question asked the Minister of Public Works set out that the floor of the bridge was only 19 ft. above high water, that the abutments encroached upon the river banks, and that there was at least one pier in the middle of the stream 15 ft. wide by 5O ft. long, which is said to be more in the nature of a dam than a pier."

Wyevale to Tiffin, Ont.—There is under construction a cut-off from Wyevale, on the Penetanguishene branch, to Tiffin. Ont. on the Midland branch, 8.90 miles. The Midland Railway Construction Co., Midland, has the contract.

Galt and Elmira Branches.—A deputation is being organized at the instance of the Berlin, Ont., board of trade, to ask the G.T.R. to operate the Galt and Elmira branches by electricity.

Erie, London and Tillsonburg Ry.—An Aylmer. Ont., press report states that the G.T.R. has acquired a block of land along the creek north of the bridge at Port Burwell. for yard purposes, and that negotiations are in progress for the taking over of the charter of the E.L. and T. Ry. This company has power to build a line from Port Burwell to London. Ont. The G.T.R. already has a line from Brantford to Port Burwell. (Feb., pg. 117.)

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