January 1913, No. 179 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 30, col. 3

Grand Trunk Railway betterments, construction, etc.

Richelieu River bridge.—The new bridge over the Richelieu River, described on pg. 20 of our issue of Jan., 1912, which has been built at a cost of $200,000, has been completed and opened for traffic. The bridge connects Coteau, Que., with St. Albans, Vt.

Prescott terminals.—Application is being made to the Ontario Legislature by the town council of Prescott, Ont., for the confirmation of a bylaw to carry out an agreement with the G.T.R. relative to the construction of divisional terminals there, and to raise $35,000 for the building of a subway in connection with the work.

Union station for Kingston, Ont.—A plan has been prepared by the city engineer to bring the G.T.R. further into the city, and to provide for the erection of a union station. The city council and the board of trade are considering the plans, with a view of pressing it upon the company's consideration.

Hamilton improvements.—G.T.R. officials in Hamilton, Ont., are quoted as stating that the plans for the enlargement of the Stuart street terminals, and other work on the company's property in the city, have been prepared and will be submitted to the city council at an early date.

Port Colborne improvements.—The Ontario Legislature is being asked to confirm an agreement dated Mar. 2, 1912, between the company and the municipality with reference to the provision of improved terminal facilities at Port Colborne. (Nov., 1912, pg. 559.)

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