January 1912, No. 167 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 20, col. 2

Grand Trunk Railway construction, betterments, etc.

New England plans.—The Providence, R.I., city council has passed an ordinance granting the Southern New England Ry. the right to lay tracks along the west side of Providence River.

Application is being made by E. H. Fitzhugh to the Vermont Legislature for a charter to build a railway from Barre to Williamstown, under the title of the Barre Granite Ry. The matter will come before the Public Service Commission Jan. 8. It is proposed that the new railway connect with the Montpelier and Wells River Rd. It is said Barre will be made the headquarters of the new road if the project materializes.

The question of the union railway station at Burlington, Vt., came before the Public Service Commission Dec. 5, but its decision has not been announced.

General betterments.—During the past year the G.T.R. is reported to have completed the following betterments: overhead bridges at Brighton, Oshawa, Scarboro, Groveton, Grimsby, Mallorytown and Palmerston, Ont.; subways, East Brighton, Vt., Pownal and Cobourg, Ont.; new stations at Cobourg, Guelph, Sarnia Junction, Brule Lake, Thorndale, Wyebrldge, Hepworth, Maxville, Dublin, Ont., and Beloeil, Chaudiere Jct., and Beauharnois, Que.; new freight sheds at Cobourg, Paris Junction, Glencoe and Bowmanville, Ont., and West Detroit, Mich., also a fruit shed at Detroit, Mich., large locomotive house at Tiffin, Ont., coal chutes at Ottawa, Ont., and Elsdon, Ill; Y.M.C.A. buildings at Port Huron, Mich., and Elsdon, Ill.

Richelieu River bridge.—The G.T.R. is renewing the bridge across the Richelieu River, near Lacolle, Que., formerly part of the Canada Atlantic Ry. The existing draw span is a steel structure 186 ft. over all, and is to be replaced by a new steel swing 260 ft. over all, having a capacity of E-50, ,loading. The new bridge will afford two channels of 97 ft. each, in the clear. The present pivot pier is octagonal in shape, and is of concrete on a grilled flooring resting upon plies. This pier is to be replaced by a new one, square in shape, and enlarged to meet the new conditions. The pier will be built solid from the river bed up. The rest piers at present are of concrete, supported on pile, but they are to 'be taken down and replaced by new concrete piers enlarged to meet the special circumstances. The present approaches to the draw on either aide are composed of pile bents for an aggregate length of 860 ft. This pile work is to be replaced by 12 deck plate girders resting on new concrete piers, which will be placed 60 ft. apart, centre to centre. The rail level at the bridge is to be raised 3 1/2 ft. to accommodate the new superstructure. The John S. Metcalf Co., Ltd., Montréal, has the contract for the substructure, at a cost of about $140,000. The superstructure is to be built and erected by the Dominion Bridge Co. This work is under the supervision of H. R. Safford, Chief Engineer of the G.T.R. system.

Winter warehouse at Montréal.—The G.T.R., which has rented the Donaldson shed at the wharf for the winter, is reported to have laid a track along the revetment wall, to facilitate the handling of freight thereto.

Humber bridge.—One of the abutments of the newly built bridge over the Humber River, a part of the Toronto Lake Shore improvement showed signs of settlement after having been completed, and traffic was suspended. The abutment was temporarily reinforced, and traffic was resumed Nov. 23, on the northern tracks. There has been no further sign of settling, and the engineers belief that a second bottom has been found by all parts of the abutment. The total settlement was about four inches.

Hamilton.—The Board of Railway Commissioners has authorized the company to expropriate certain lands in Hamilton, Ont., on the east side of Elgin St., and north of Robert St.

Guelph subways, etc.—The Board of Railway Commissioners has directed the company to build a subway for foot passengers at Wilson and Norfolk streets, Guelph. Ont., the cost to be paid by the city.

Stratford station and yards.—The Stratford, Ont., city council has under consideration plans showing the location and the details of the proposed new station, and rearrangement of the yards. The city is asked to approve the plans before they are submitted to the Board of Railway Commissioners. The foundations of the new station building have been laid.

London improvements.—A manufacturing firm in London, Ont., is reported to have been notified by the G.T.R. that the site of its factory may be required for the projected improvements in that city, and that its lease, which expires within two years, cannot be renewed. Other firms occupying G.T.R. property are reported to have received similar Intimations.

Bay City, Mich.—U.S. press reports state that the company has secured the last of the property needed at Bay City, Mich., for its proposed terminal station and yards. The new work, it is stated, will cost about $1,000,000.

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