October 1945, No. 2 Upper Canada Railway Society Newsletter (Toronto) Page 3

T.T.C. Notes

The open track extension to the Small Arms Plant, west of the Long Branch Loop, ceased operation on the morning of October 15th. Night car 4187 was the last passenger car to use the rails; the Small Witts began using the regular loop with the first day trip, and removal of the extension, placed in operation about October, 1942, was begun the same day. Work Cars noted on the job were C-1, C-2, and W-7.

Two Flat Car Snowplows are being built for the T.T.C. by National Steel Car Co. at Hamilton currently, and should arrive soon. They will be the first new Service Cars since 1924.

During the summer cars 1504, 1518, and 1850 were scrapped after collisions.

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