January 1899, No. 9 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 11, col. 1

Surveys, construction & betterment.


Canada Atlantic.—There is no later news about the proposed Union Station in Ottawa than we published last month (pg. 261) except a rumor that a scheme is on foot there for the formation of a company which proposed to buy up the rights of the Canada Atlantic, Ottawa, Arnprior & Parry Sound, Canadian Pacific & Ottawa & New York Rys. to the central facilities, & then operate the terminal, charging each railway according to the number of trains handled daily. It is proposed to erect a modern Union Station.

An iron bridge has been erected at Eastman's Springs, over a creek which for some years past has washed away the tracks during the spring floods. The bed of the stream here has been dredged out, & it is expected this will allow' the volume of water to pass without damaging the road.

It is proposed for the C. A. Co. & the city of Ottawa to jointly build a bridge over the C.A. tracks at Maria St. & the Rideau Canal, Ottawa, at a cost of about $40,000.


East Richelieu Valley.—The line from Iberville to Noyan Jct. has been built under this name. The portion from Iberville to Henryville, 11.78 miles, was built in 1897, & from Henryville to Noyan Jct. about 10 1/2 miles, in 1898. At Noyan Jct. connection is made with the Canada Atlantic. The line has been opened for traffic & is being operated by the United Counties Ry.

Great Northern of Canada.—The following press dispatch was sent out from Québec Dec. 24:—"The G.N. Ry. has succeeded in completing arrangement to assure the construction at once of the remainder of its lines in order to give Québec district connection with the Canada Atlantic Ry. Understanding the importance of pushing the works to a finish without further delay, it appears that, as the result of an appeal to its stockholders, $200,000 have been subscribed, while a U.S. syndicate, chiefly composed of Boston capitalists, has taken an interest in the undertaking to the extent of $500,000. On the strength of this financial backing, a contract has been entered into with Mr. Macdonald for the construction of the last 88 miles of the line, & it is understood that on his return from England shortly preparations to go on with the work this winter will be immediately begun." We are officially informed that arrangements for construction have not yet been completed, but that prospects for continuing the work this year are promising.

The 88 miles referred to is no doubt the section between Shawenegan & Montcalm, near Joliette, 53 miles, on which some work has been done, & the link of 35 miles from St. Jérôme to Grenville, on the Ottawa River, where a bridge for which a very favorable location has been surveyed, will have be built to connect with the C.A. The G.N. is controlled by & operated in connection with the Québec & Lake St. John Ry., & the through route from Québec to Hawkesbury would be as follows:—From Québec northwesterly for 58 miles by the Q. & L. St. J. Ry. to Rivière a Pierre Jct. From the latter point westward to St. Tite, 33 miles, by the Lower Laurentian Ry., also operated by the Q. & L. St. J. From St. Tite to Shawenegan, 22 miles, by the G. N. line, already built. Then comes the 53 mile section from Shawenegan to Montcalm, referred to above as having had some work done on it. From Montcalm to St. Jérôme for 28 miles the G. N. is already in operation. From Jerome to Grenville there is 35 miles to be built, as explained above. Further information about this line will be found on page 19 of this issue. (See June., '98, pgs. 86 & 98.)


Michigan Central.—In our last issue, pg. 263, we mentioned a rumor that this Co. would ask the Dominion Government to deepen Kingsville harbor, with a view to run boats from Sandusky to that town, the M.C.R. promising to extend its railway from Essex to Kingsville, 15 miles. We have been officially informed that the rumor has no foundation whatever, & that the M.C.R. has never had any intention of extending the Canada Southern to Kingsville or developing the harbor at that point. There are evidently some real estate boomers at work in this connection, as a similar unauthorized statement has been going the rounds of the daily press in regard to the G.T.R.


Ontario & Rainy River.—The grading on F. E. Fauquier's contract for the 1st 20 miles of this line from Stanley west, is expected to be finished early next spring. No track has been laid yet, & the Kaministiquia bridge has not yet been decided on. The line is located from Stanley for 30 miles up the Kaministiquia & Mattawin Rivers, crossing the Kaministiquia 5 miles above Stanley & following up the south side of the Kaministiquia & Mattawin. A trial line is being run up the Shebandowan River, & north of Lake Shebandowan, & a survey party is working from near the head waters of the Atikokan River towards the Shebandowan. Two other survey parties, which started back to back near Mine Centre, are working east towards the head waters of the Atikokan & west to the Rainy River district, & a third party is working from the present terminus of the Manitoba & South-Eastern Ry., easterly towards the Rainy River district. It is said the Co. will endeavor to get the Dominion Government aid increased to $6,400 a mile next session.

Ottawa & New York.—In 1897 track was laid from the Canada Atlantic Jct. (Hawthorne) to the G.T. Jct. near Cornwall, 50 6/10 miles, of which 12 were ballasted. The year 1898 ended with a mileage in Canada of 56 85/100 from the C.P.R. Jct. on its Montréal & Ottawa short line, to the International Boundary near Cornwall, all of which is complete in grading track & ballast, also all fences, telegraph line, sign boards, &c. The bridge over the north channel of the St. Lawrence river & the Cornwall canal has been completed. The New York & Ottawa Ry. in New York State, from the International Boundary to Moira, 15 15/100 miles, is all complete & under operation, except the wrecked portion of the bridge over the south channel of the St. Lawrence. The Collins Bay Rafting Co. succeeding in taking out part of one span from the bed of the river & moved the centre span downstream about 1,000 ft., where it swung round lengthwise with the stream, so that there is no danger of a flood being caused. (Dec. '98, pg. 263.)

Pembroke Southern.—The 21 miles of this line from Pembroke, Ont., on the C.P.R., to Golden Lake, on the O.A. & P.S. was opened for traffic Jan. 2. It is said the line will be extended about 50 miles through the counties of Renfrew & Hastings, crossing the Irondale, Bancroft & Ottawa, about 20 miles east of Bancroft & running to St. Ola, on the Central Ontario Ry., 12 miles from that Co. 's terminus at Coe Hill, thus completing a direct line to Trenton on Lake Ontario. The P.S. Co. is said to expect that the G.T.R. will extend its Peterboro'-Lakefield branch to connect with it at St. Ola, thus considerably shortening the distance between Toronto & Pembroke. We are informed nothing is known of this by G.T. officers in Montréal. (Dec. '98, pg. 263.)

Railways: C.A.Ry., C.P.Ry., O. & N.Y.Ry., O.A. & P.S.Ry.

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