Saturday, July 1, 1882 The Globe (Toronto) Page 2, col. 5

Georgian Bay Railway.

Stratford, June 30.—Mr. McCallum, engineer of the Ontario Public Works Department, has given to the Directors of the Grand Trunk, Georgian Bay & Lake Erie Railway Company (late Stratford & Huron Company), a certificate of the completion of the railway to Wiarton on the Georgian Bay. The railway, which has been subsidized by the Ontario Government, is laid throughout with steel rails and is in first-class order and will form a valuable route for this section of the country to all points on the Georgian Bay and to the great Northwest via Thunder Bay by the railway just completed. It is expected that the Grand Trunk will take over the line next week, it being leased to that company, after which a grand celebration excursion to the famous harbour at Wiarton may be looked for.

Railways: G.T.G.B & L.E.Ry., S. & H.Ry.