Friday, December 18, 1885 The Globe (Toronto) Page 1, col. 1

Richmond Hill.

An enterprising village that wants railway connection.

(From our own correspondent.)

Richmond Hill, Dec. 17.—The village of Richmond Hill is anxious to form connection with the main line of the Northern Railroad and at a largely representative meeting of the business men of the village, held last week, it was voted by an almost unanimous vote to bonus any company that would contract and run a railroad to meet the main line, with the sum of $10,000, payable in debentures of the village in twenty years, bearing 5 or 6 per cent. interest. The supposed cost would be in the neighbourhood of $30,000 including engine, &c. The line has been surveyed by Mr. Holgate, the Engineer of the Northern Company. $20,000 is not much to be raised by a company, and would assuredly prove a good investment. At the present the railroad company pays over $2,000 a year for passenger carried to and from the station to the Hill. It is estimated that 500 tons of coal during the past season have been teamed from the station, which at 75¢ a ton is equal to $375; other good teamed will amount to the same sum, and carrying the mails about $200 is paid. The Messrs. Newton Bros., at the tannery, have been under a cost of about $1,000 per year for teamage of bark. So it will clearly be seen that there is no uncertainty as regards the paying of the investment.

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