Friday, July 22, 1892 The Globe (Toronto) Page 8, col. 5

Fatal railway collision

on the Bay of Quinte Railway at Erinsville—Two lives lost and many passengers injured

Belleville, July 1.—(Special)—There was a terrible accident on the Bay of Quinte Railway at 7 a.m. today, which caused the death of two men and fatally injured several others.

The accident happened near Erinsville station. A special engine and tender going from Deseronto to Tweed ran into the mail train. Both engines were going at a high rate of speed and dashed into each other on a curve in the road. The concussion was terrific, shattering the engines into pieces and smashing the cars on the mail train to atoms. The sight was a terrible one to contemplate. There were cries and shouts and then a hasty rushing of farmers to the spot. With all possible haste the dead and wounded were dragged from the wreck; the dead were tenderly laid on the green award, while the wounded were removed to the hotel at Erinsville. Physicians were summoned from Napanee and Tweed and were conveyed by specials to the scene of the terrible disaster.

The dead are:—

W. Christy, Tweed, engineer.

Wellington Hardy, fireman, Tweed.

The injured are:—

W. Kerby, engineer, Tweed, will likely die.

James Mundy, brakeman, received injuries from which he will not recover for some time.

T. Watson, fireman, received dangerous wounds.

Mrs. Navin, Deseronto, was injured. She had her baby with and it will probably die.

Mrs. Murphy, storekeeper, Erinsville, was badly wounded.

Miss Carrol, same place, is suffering from effects of collision.

G. Hogan, road master, Mrs. Brown and two Cunningham boys slightly hurt.

A coroner's inquest is being held. The cause of the accident has not been fully ascertained yet, but is is suspected to be a misinterpretation of orders.

Railways: B.Q.Ry.

Stations: Erinsville