Friday, July 22, 1892 The Globe (Toronto) Page 8, col. 5

Fatal railway collision

on the Bay of Quinte Railway at Erinsville—Two lives lost and many passengers injured


Another account

Tamworth, July 22.—A fatal collision occurred about four miles west of Tamworth, at 7 o'clock this morning, on the Bay of Quinte Railroad. The regular passenger train was coming from Tweed on time, when the was met by a special from Erinsville, consisting of the engine and tender, both going at full speed. They met in a deep cut. There was a terrible crash, engines and cars were piled in a indescribable mass.

The list of dead so far is:—

Wm. Christie, engineer on passenger train.

Will Hardy, fireman on special, and an unknown child.

Thos. Watson, the fireman on passenger train, badly hurt.

W. H. Wilkinson, conductor on special, slightly injured.

Brown, brakeman on special, slightly hurt.

Brakeman on passenger badly hurt.

Miss. Carrol, on passenger train, seriously injured, probably fatal.

One lady, unknown, has her jaw broken and several more slightly injured. The coroner was notified and is now holding on inquest on the dead. Willing hands from here were soon on the spot and did all in their power to rescue them. Drs. Wilson and Clarke from here, Dr. Mathers at Tweed and Dr. Oldham from Marlbank were called and did all they could to relieve the sufferers.

Railways: B.Q.Ry.

Stations: Tamworth