Wednesday, August 19, 1896 The Globe (Toronto) Page 7, col. 2

On the railways.

Important changes on the Grand Trunk—The Don and Parkdale stations—Improved baggage checking.

Some important changes have been made by the Grand Trunk Railway, in regard to the handling of freight in Toronto, the Don and Parkdale stations, having been placed under the charge of Mr. R. L. Nellis, the local freight agent at Toronto. Traffic will be received and handled as usual at these points, and every facility given for quick despatch of the freight of customers usually using the east or west end stations. This change means that instead of having practically three freight agents, there will be only one, Mr. Neelis, and all business will be transacted through him. Mr. C. H. Courtland, agent at the Don, goes to Port Dover as agent, where the company are making extensive preparations to handle coal and other traffic crossing Lake Erie by ferries. Mr. J. A. Telfer, agent at Parkdale, will take charge of the Grand Trunk ticket agent at the Union depot, Mr. W. Jarman remaining as assistant to Mr. Telfer.

Railways: G.T.Ry.

Stations: Parkdale, Port Dover, Toronto