Wednesday, April 25, 1900 The Globe (Toronto) Page 10, col. 1

Railway subsidies


Railway cash subsidies

The cash subsidies to railways, which the House will be asked to sanction, are of a smaller amount than usual, and all apply to older Ontario. The total amount asked is $251,400. In every case the grant is to complete or make a connection with some existing line of railway. It will be noticed that one grant is to connect Parry Sound with the Canada Atlantic, which sidetracked the town and made its terminus at Depot Harbor. The following are the details:—

Toronto, Lindsay & Pembroke Railway, between a point fifteen miles east of Bancroft and a point at near Golden Lake, in the County of Renfrew, a distance not exceeding 36 miles, a cash subsidy of $3,000 a mile; $108,000.

Central Counties Railway Company, for that portion of the Rockland branch of said railway, from Rockland to Clarence Creek, a distance of about seven miles, cash subsidy of $1,200 a mile, $8,400.

Central Ontario Railway, from a point at or near Bancroft to a point on the line of the Canada Atlantic Railway, between Madawaska and Whitney, not exceeding forty miles, cash subsidy of $3,000 a mile, $120,000.

A railway from Town of Parry Sound southerly to connect with the Canada Atlantic Railway, not exceeding five miles, cash subsidy of $3,000 a mile, $15,000.

The grant of $50,000 passed in 1895 towards an interprovincial passenger and traffic bridge over the Ottawa at or near Nepean's Point, subject to the condition that Québec Province give a like amount, is freed from that condition, provided the other conditions are satisfactorily fulfilled, and $800,000 or more expended in constructing the bridge and approaches.


Railways: C.A.Ry., C.C.Ry., C.O.Ry.

Stations: Bancroft, Golden Lake, Parry Sound