Friday, February 20, 1903 The Globe (Toronto) Page 4

Banquet at Orillia.

Officials of the Grand Trunk entertained.

The Town's Advantages as a Summer Resort a Prominent Feature of the Speeches—Grand Trunk Enterprise and Canada's Future.

Special Despatch to The Globe.

Orillia, Feb. 19.—This evening the Orillia Board of Trade tendered a banquet to the officials of the Grand Trunk Railway System, one object being the bringing of the particular advantages of Orillia as a summer resort and manufacturing centre to their notice. The banquet was held at the Orillia House, over sixty members of the board sitting down to an excellent dinner. Mr. R.O. Smith, President, occupied the chair, and Mr. A.B. Thompson, Vice-President, the vice chair. Mr. Chas. M. Hays, General Manager and First Vice-President of the G.T.R., had signified his intention of being present, but at the last moment he sent regrets at not being able to come. The Grand Trunk Railway was ably represented by Messrs. J.D. McDonald, District Passenger Agent, Toronto; W.R. Tiffin, Divisional Superintendent, Allandale, and Mr. Coleman of the divisional offices, Allandale. Other representatives were: Messrs. Andrew Pattullo, M.P.P., Woodstock; W.H. Bennett, M.P., Midland; Col. Sam. Hughes, M.P., Lindsay; J.B. Tudhope, M.P.P. for East Simcoe. The toast list was excellently arranged, and the speaking of an unusually high order. Our King was duly honored by the hearty singing of the national anthem. Our Representatives was responded to by Messrs. Bennett and Tudhope. The progressiveness of the Grand Trunk Railway System was ably exploited by Messrs. Tiffin, McDonald and Coleman, in response to the toast Our Guests. Special reference as made to the vast increase in the summer resort traffic in recent years, and the willingness of the management to promptly second Orillia's efforts in its development.

Mr. Andrew Pattullo made a characteristic speech in response to the toast Our Country, a theme upon which no one is better qualified to speak than he. Reference was made to the vast benefits that would accrue from the establishing of a second trunk line to the Pacific coast, and also the rapid opening up of the fertile lands of new Ontario.

Mayor John McCosh replied to the toast Our Town. Mr. McCosh spoke of the exceptional natural advantages Orillia possessed as a summer resort, and of the excellent results which had crowned the efforts of the Board of Trade and Town Council in making its beauties known.

Our Industries was responded to by Mr. J.C. Miller, proprietor of the large tannery here, and Our Sister Boards by Mr. Daniel Wilson of Collingwood. The Mitchell orchestra furnished music, and songs rendered by Prof. J.H. Pearce, Dr. J.C. Moore and Mr. Arch. Montgomery. The banquet was a pronounced success.

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