Tuesday, January 31, 1905 The Globe (Toronto) Page 12, col. 2

To relieve congestion.

Grand Trunk plans for handling of freight.

Coincident with the completing of the big roundhouse at Mimico, Resident Engineer Somerville is at work on plans that will revolutionize the forwarding of freight through the city and greatly facilitate local distribution. The plan, which is now being worked out by the engineering department of the Grand Trunk is perhaps the most sweeping that has materialized in recent years. The details of the new yard arrangements have not yet been made public, but the changes will be extensive. The new arrangement provides for two extensive freight terminals, YorkYork was later known as Danforth. on the east and Mimico on the west. Mimico is to become a receiving and distributing depot to the west, and Little York will be the same to the east. Heavy terminal engines will then pass long lines of cars between these points, classified as to destination. The system has become necessary owing to the congestion at the terminals. A similar arrangement on the New York Central at West Albany presents perhaps the best parallel of the system in operation.

Railways: G.T.Ry., N.Y.C.Rd.

Stations: Danforth, Mimico Yard