Tuesday, May 1, 1906 The Globe (Toronto) Page 1, col. 4

Toronto to Ottawa

and from Montréal to the Georgian Bay.

New lines to be built by the James Bay Railway Company—Location maps filed at the Department of Railways at Ottawa.

(Special Despatch to The Globe.)

Ottawa, May 1.—The Canadian Northern Railway Company, or, as styled in official documents, the James Bay Railway Company, have filed location lamps at the Department of Railways for the proposed line from Montréal to Georgian Bay and from Toronto to Ottawa, respectively. It is possible from these maps to get only a general idea of the route to be followed in both instances. The location plans to be deposited later will show in detail the course to be taken and the manner in which entrance will be had into the cities of Montréal and Ottawa. The line to Ottawa will be about 225 miles long, and to Montréal some 350. The Montréal-Georgian Bay line have a length of 300 miles, the distance between Montréal and Ottawa being 115 miles.

From the point of junction with the railway to James Bay, a little northeast of Toronto, the line will strike easterly in a fairly straight line through the counties of York, Ontario, Durham, Northumberland and Hastings, at distance north of the Grand Trunk varying from three to twelve miles, until it strikes Line Lake in the northeast corner of the township of Tyendinaga. It will pass close to Tamworth, across the Kingston & Pembroke Railway at Reynold station, run through Westport, pass a little north of Smith's Falls and thence following a northeasterly direction to the capital. In this run of 225 miles the railway will go through the townships of Scarboro', Pickering, Whitby, Darlington, Clarke, Elizabethville, Hamilton, Haldimand, Brighton, Murray, Sydney, Thurlow, Tyendinaga, Hungerford, Sheffiled, Hinchinbrrok, Bedford, North Crosby, North Burgess, Emlmsley, Montagne, Marlborough, Goulburn, Nepean and Gloucester.

The line from Montréal to the Georgian Bay will follow the north shore on the Ottawa River to Grenville, and will cross the river in the neighborhood of Hawkesbury, continuing along the south shore to Ottawa. Ottawa River will be crossed near Arnprior, and again at Portage du Fort, and the Pembroke Southern halfway between the Grand Trunk line to Parry Sound and the C.P.R. From here the railway will run straight as possible in a northwesterly direction to Key Inlet on the Georgian Bay, from ten to twelve miles south of the French River. The application for approval of the location maps will be heard by Hon. Mr. Emmerson on the 12th inst.

Railways: C.No.Ry., J.B.Ry.