Tuesday, March 26, 1907 The Globe (Toronto) Page 8, col. 2

Caused by broken rail.

Jury's finding in the Guelph accident.

The train was travelling at a dangerous rate of speed, considering the conditions and the heavy engine and the light rails.

Guelph, March 25.—The four times adjourned Coroner's inquest on the death of Charles R. Rankin of Stratford was concluded this evening before Coroner Robinson. The only witnesses were the Chief of Police and Constable Greenway. They timed a train today which ran four hundred yards in fifteen seconds where the accident occurred. The Coroner reviewed the evidence, and submitted a number of questions to the jurors, who took over two hours to answer them and bring in a verdict. They found the cause of death was from the derailment of the passenger train upon which the deceased was travelling and the said Charles R. Rankin was crushed to death in one of the coaches of the said Grand Trunk Railway Company. From the evidence the cause of the derailment was a broken rail; the weight of the rail was only 67½ pounds to the yard. The weight of the engine drawing this particular train was ninety-one tons, and it was travelling at the rate of sixty miles or more an hour. From careful perusal of the evidence we are of the opinion that the train was travelling at a dangerous rate of speed, considering the season of the year, the weight of the rail and engine, and we further believe these combined were the direct cause of the accident that caused the death of Chas. R. Rankin.

Railways: G.T.Ry.