Thursday, October 22, 1908 The Globe (Toronto) Page 3, col. 6

Inquest at Brantford.

Yardman Mcguire admits partial responsibility.

He allowed the freight to leave the yard before the yard engine returned—Mcguire is missing and a warrant is out for him.

(Special Despatch to The Globe)

Brantford, Oct. 21.—The inquest into the recent pitch-in on the Grand Trunk near Mount Vernon, in which Conductor Fralick and Engineer Burchell of London and Yardman Ribble of Brantford were killed in a crash between a Brantford yard engine and a special freight from Hamilton, was opened by Coroner Ashton, and about a dozen witnesses were heard.

Superintendent Gillen read a statement made to the G.T.R. authorities by Yardman Jos. McGuire on the night after the wreck, stating that he was partially responsible for the wreck, as he failed to protect the yard engine, according to the rules by which he was not permitted to allow other trains to leave the yard until the yard engine returned. The morning of the wreck was foggy and the special train got away without his seeing it, and crashed into the yard enginee while it was returning.

Evidence went to show that the rules had been violated by allowing the special to go out.

At 12 o'clock an adjournment was made until Tuesday next.

McGuire has left the city and cannot be located. While his statement admits responsibility for the disaster, it is said if he returns an effort will be made to show he was overworked.

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