Tuesday, June 23, 1908 The Globe (Toronto) Page 9

The Lake Shore Express.

Canadian Northern Express from Parry Sound to Sudbury.

Next week Toronto will have two direct railway routes to Sudbury for the Canadian Northern Ontario's extension to Sudbury will be opened for passenger traffic on Dominion Day. The event will make a unique record in railway history in Canada, for there is no town which has received two additions to its railway services, as Sudbury will do a week from to-morrow. The building of the C.P.R. line from Toronto to Sudbury has militated against the advantage to that town, and Northern Ontario generally, which the construction of the Canadian Northern Ontario was intended to secure. But the advent of a competitive line to Sudbury is none the less appreciated by the citizens thereof, and it is in response to their desires that there will be inaugurated at once a first-class daily passenger service. For the Lake Shore Express, which carries the bulk of the Muskoka traffic, will continue daily, except Sunday, its journey from Parry Sound to Sudbury.

The Government engineers who went over the Sudbury extension last week found it to be in remarkably good shape, and one of the greatest experts in railway construction, who has travelled upon it says: "It is the best new road I was ever on." Massive steel bridges are a feature of the construction through the Georgian Bay hinterland, where rivers are numerous and broad. It was the enormous work involved in the construction of these across the Pickerel and French Rivers which delayed the completion of the road.

Last night a party of officials, in charge of Supt. Hills, left Toronto for a trip to Sudbury to complete arrangements for operating.

Railways: C.No.Ry.