Thursday, September 26, 1912 The Globe (Toronto) Page 8, col. 6

Gang of road makers goes to work at Leaside

C.N.R. townsite will be finest part of Toronto, say C.N.R. men.

Actual pick and shovel wrk on the new Canadian Northern model city at Leaside has begun with the coming of a large gang of road makers to the property. These men are grading and laying a concrete roadway of serpentine form which runs from north to south towards the western side of the subdivision. Provision is being made for the drainage system which will be put in later, and substantial roadways will in all probability be completed this fall.

A representative of Messrs. Davidson and McRae to The Globe yesterday that at the present time plans for an independent water service for the new city were in course of preparation entirely outside the city service. "Our townsite," he said, "is going to be the finest part of Toronto."

Mr. Leonard E. Schlemm, the Montréal landscape engineer, who is responsible for the laying out of the new division, was in Toronto yesterday, and said that he was confident that the new city would be the finest on the continent, for the C.N.R. had given him a free hand in its laying out, and consequently broad, roomy, tree-shaded thoroughfares were to be installed, direct access to the central portions of the division would be obtainable from every portion of the city, and exceptionally large parks and breathing spaces would be reserved for the use of residents.

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