Saturday, April 6, 1912 The Globe (Toronto) Page 1

Two washouts tie up traffic on the C.N.R.

Don River sweeps away hundred feet of roadbed and train has a narrow escape—Second washout at Colborne.

Two serious washouts on the C.N.R. line between Toronto and Trenton last night demoralized traffic on both the Trenton and the Parry Sound lines for twelve hours, and in connection with one of the washouts the passenger and crew of one train had a narrow escape.

The Don River, owing to yesterday's melting of snow, swelled its stream and washed out nearly one hundred feet of new ballast on the railway just west of the East Don station about 5.30 yesterday afternoon. There is a fill about twelve feet high at this point and the northbound Parry Sound had just passed over the scene. The train for Trenton, which left the Union Station last night at 5.40 o'clock, reached Rosedale station shortly after the washout, and it was backed to the Union Station again and its passenger sent to their destinations, wherever possible, on the Grand Trunk.

A gang of men and a ballast train were set to work immediately to repair the break. Though the fill was twelve feet high, it proved too weak to withstand the onrush of the Don's water. The break was filled in with rock ballast. A C.N.R. official told The Globe late last night that the break would not be repaired before this morning.

The other washout occurred just west of the station at Colborne, eighteen miles east of Cobourg, on the Trenton division, last night about 6 o'clock and an hour before the train from Trenton, which is due in Toronto at 9.20 p.m., arrived on the scene. Few particulars could be obtained from the C.N.R. officers here, outside of the fact that the Trenton train was sent back to Trenton and its passenger had to be sent westward on the Grand Trunk.

The washout at the Don and the other at Colborne tied up traffic completely on both Ontario lines of the C.N.R.

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