Saturday, March 10, 1917 The Globe (Toronto) Page 2, col. 1

Fatal collision on G.T.R. at Utterson

Fireman Thornbury and mail clerk Barclay killed—Two hurt

(Special Despatch to The Globe)


Albert Thornbury, fireman, Barrie.

—Barclay, mail clerk, Camperdown.

Seriously injured.

E. H. ("Zeko") Firman, engineer, Allandale.

—Ripley, mail clerk, Toronto.

Barrie, March 9.—Fireman Albert Thornbury and Mail Clerk Barclay were killed, and Engineer E. H. Firman and Mail Clerk Ripley, seriously injured, when their train, the passenger express on the Grand Trunk, which leaves Toronto about 8 a.m. for North Bay, crashed into a southbound freight on a sharp curve in a deep rock-cutting about a mile north of Utterson, between 3 and 4 o'clock this afternoon.

The passenger train was running about an hour and a half late, having been stuck in a snowbank near Barrie for an hour this morning.

Freight crew escapes.

All the victims of the collision were on the passenger train, the crew of the freight having escaped practically unhurt by jumping.

Thornbury, the fireman on the northbound train, was apparently just getting up off his seat to jump when he was caught between the tender and the engine, and it is supposed was crushed to death instantly. He leaves a wife, but no family. He was a very well-known railroad man, being Secretary of the local Lodge of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen.

Engineer Firman, "Zeke," as he is known, being one of the oldest and best-known drivers on this division, jumped, but in so doing was very badly hurt, being unconscious when picked up, and at a late hour to-night was still unconscious, and reported in a very critical condition. He has quite a large family.

Barclay, the mail clerk, who was killed, lived at Camperdown, near Meaford. He was caught in the mail car and killed instantly.

Toronto clerk hurt.

Ripley, the other mail clerk, comes from Toronto. He, too, was caught in the car, but jumped, but in some way fell under the timbers, and it was not till the auxiliary crew that he could extricated, and then only by raising the car and chopping the timbers. He was crushed from the waist down.

Baggageman Joseph Dicker and Express Messenger Norman Guinane were banged around considerably among the baggage and express matter, and were badly bruised, but apparently no bones were broken.

The conductor of the freight train was Reg. Bidwell of Allandale, and the engineer Sam. North of the same place. North and his fireman jumped and escaped uninjured.

The passengers, conductor and brakesman on the passenger train were not hurt.

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